YHQLD Members Teamed up With Coastfish TV to Fish the Port of Brisbane

May 30 & 31, 2020

Andy Sparnon and the crew from Coastfish TV (their awesome YouTube channel can be found here) teamed up with Lippy, Dom, Scott Bryant, Todd Keehn, Khean Mak, Josh Dow, Lex Irwin, and Luke Hendo in the safety boat to bag some good threadies and jewies in the Port of Brisbane.

A 6am launch on the Saturday and Sunday the 30th and 31st of May saw the fleet power across the shipping lane to make the grounds where the big fish hunt.  Once there the guys set out using their own gear and styles to land some good fish.  While there weren't as many threadies and jewies landed as perhaps hoped, there will still some quality fish boarded for the weekend.  Below are some of the selected catches but all those that were landed, we don't want the anglers getting a big head.

The Coastfish/YH crossover episode will be available once all the boys have the right filters applied to make them look good on camera!  ;p
Lippy and his threadie

Lippy landed this golden beauty early in the day on Saturday.

The [not so] secret to his success was an Ima Koume 90 in magpie colour.  He was using a 2 - 4kg spinning rod with 20lb braid and 20lb leader, and was slow vibing right off the bottom.
Josh and his threadie and snap-snap

Josh also landed a threadie but using a little bit different gear.  His weapon of choice was a Zerek fishtrap in 65mm.  Josh found the magic depth was about 7m and his style was bouncing from bottom to mid water around the pylons on a spinning combo using 10ln braid and 10lb leader.

Josh reckons the scent was all important in getting that bite!

Josh also landed a nice Port snap-snap!
Hendo and his bream

The Port of Brisbane offered up a good mixed bag for the weekend with Luke Hendo bagging a PB breambo from the safety boat.  

Always a good day when you break a record Hendo!
Sed pede ullamcorper amet ullamcorper primis, nam pretium suspendisse neque, a phasellus sit pulvinar vel integer.
Scott bagged a cod or two

Yep, that's a Zman Minnowz hanging out of its gob.

In the bottom cod pic Scott was using a Jackal transom bounced out from the pylons.  The rod and reel of choice was a G Loomis in baitcaster and a Daiwa Tatula Type R reel using 20lb braid and 20lb leader.

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