The New Yak Hunters Edition Rods are Here!

YH Rods by Master Rod Builder Graham Verrall

These rods were recently revealed to the YH community and a poll was started to decide on final names for the colour schemes.  There are four colour combos all up with the four names being Frostbite, Code Red, Sub Zero, and Hornet 
Colour Combos

From top to bottom the colours are white (Frostbite), Red (Code Red), Blue (Sub Zero), and Green (Hornet).

Yak Hunters is imparted into the EVA butt giving it that real spirit of the community!
For those who have read previous editions, specifically my own journey to a Pure Custom rod, you will be familiar with the work of the master himself, Graham Verrall.  I recently spoke to Graham to get more details about these rods including more specifications and options available and now I am here to share this with you!

The first batch of rods are 2-5kg in a two piece toray carbon blank.  The rods are a total length of 6' 8" suitable for a 1/16th - 3/8th lure weight.  The reel seat is mounted on a carbon fibre tube giving the wicked appearance and contrast between the reel seat and blank underneath.  The butt is split rather than being a continuous piece of EVA allowing for the blank to show through and more colour options being added to the bottom length of the rod.

The guides are titanium framed zirconium which are not only lighter than stainless steel but also more durable.

If you want to add some customisation Graham can add a decal with a name of your choice on the rod though each is individually numbered already, or if you have special needs, he is happy to discuss these with you and integrate them into your build.  For those of you wanting to chase some bigger species, Graham can also do a 6-8kg version.

If you thought that a hand made rod by a master and member of our own community was beyond your reach then think again!  These rods are ready for order right now and sell at an RRP of $300 including postage!  I've laid my hands on one already and I can tell you they are a mighty rod for the money.  They can be ordered straight from the Yak Hunters store here.

You will not be disappointed I can tell you that!
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