Kastking Braid.  Wayne Petherick, YHQLD

Kastking 8lb Braid

Everyone seems to have their favourite braid.  I know I have bounced back and forth between braids trying them out to find my sweet spot.  I've used Jarvis Walker (more like rope than braid but that's another story!), Kairiki, J-Braid, Sunline, Berkley Fireline and about a dozen others.

I have certainly not made my mind up about braids and still have half a dozen different types spooled up across my gear.  I have been disappointed with some expensive braids that seemed to fall apart quicker than a pair of undies from Wish and I have used cheaper stuff that has gone the distance.

There are obvious differences between braid ratings with some of the cheaper braids being a heavier gauge and some of the more expensive braids being a lighter gauge.  While a general rule, there are obvious exceptions to this.  I have not yet come across a braid immune to wind knots or other spool problems regardless of price.

And as far as that goes you don't want to be burning through your braid at the speed of a thousand startled gazelles because that makes this one expensive hobby when added to the other costs and losses.  Beyond rods and reels the cost of braid is probably one of the greater tackle related expenses there is, depending on how fast you go through it of course.  It is not uncommon to spend north of $35 - $40 per spool and so this is something you want to keep the cost down on if you can.

I asked around a few people about the best braids and many told me not to waste my time with cheaper braids.  I looked for a cheaper alternative and came across the Kastking Super Power.  I was warned it was like twine, thick and rigid and not worth my time.  I scouted around online and found a spool on Ebay in 8lb for 300m.  And it was only $14 with free shipping from Hong Kong.  I didn't think I could go wrong with this and if nothing else could use it for backing on some of my larger spools to reduce the amount of expensive braid I would need.

In the pre-COVID world, it only took 11 days for this to turn up from overseas and I ripped into the packet like it was a rotisserie chicken.  Peeling some line off I was pleasantly surprised by the gauge and the feel.  It certainly didn't feel rough even though it was a 4X and it wasn't rigid or overly soft.  I loaded up a spool and went out the next day.

I did find initially that it held its shape when bent and that it did have some stiffness to it when tying knots.  But I also noticed very quickly that after a couple of dunks in the water that the line became really soft and supple.  Knots became easier to tie and the line really loosened up over time.  I have another rod spooled up with more expensive braid and have to work really hard to remember which is the Kastking and which the more expensive string.

For the price I can't fault this braid.  Their specifications rate it at 0.08mm and this goes a lot higher for the heavier braids but for those who fish light line there is nothing wrong with this braid in my opinion.  One spool of 300m @ 8lb filled two reels which works out at $7 per reel with 11 days wait time.  I've since ordered a couple more spools to have some more on hand.
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