On the Water with Dan Walter, YHNSW

Fishing is our passion, something we all love to do with our spare time. 

Whether it be bass, bream, flathead, or you go offshore chasing the bigger ones, we all are trying to get that biggest PB, trying the latest gear, and trying or improving techniques but one thing remains the same: we do it because we love it. 

So what about taking it to another level, testing you’re skills in a competition situation? 

Well, with a new year comes a new tournament calendar, which im really looking forward to. Something I have heard a lot over the years are things like “I’m not good enough", “ my yak/boat isn’t as good as everyone else’s”, “I only have 2 rods" and the list goes on. 

I’ll let you in on a secret, I have never won anything!!! One top 10 and best AOY was 23rd, back in 2016!!!

Since then I have had nearly 3 years completely away from any kind of fishing!!! Work was hard because i was driving to western Sydney each day, plus some health issues with my kids. Fast forward to the back end of 2019 i now work for my self and the kids are a few years older, SO im back!!!

I fished the Hobie round at The Basin and did absolute crap but you know what? It was so good to see everyone again and spend a weekend away. 

I also found Yak Hunters last year and I have to say, what a refreshing bunch of people you all are. 

Which brings me to the yak hunters tournament series. What a perfect way for anyone wishing to dip their little finger into the competition pot and have a crack. There are many awesome benefits to competition fishing and with YH it gets opened up: bream, bass, flathead, trout, multiple species, held all over the country. 

Cash, prizes, and importantly knowledge (which is free) which can only make us better at what we love to do, prizes are a bonus and what I personally consider the best thing? Weekends away with the crew!!! 

I’m looking forward to doing a couple of YH events this year, meeting some new people and learning some new things. 

Back to the fishing bit...... you got a yak, you got gear, you really have all you need to have a dig, put yourself up against a field of anglers, back yourself and see how you go.  You may even surprise yourself. 

One thing I have learned over the years is your fishing will only get better by fishing tournaments as you learn from you’re decisions, you learn from those who have done well over the weekend, and then you dead set scratch you’re head and wonder why some are so consistent and what the secret is! But over time and fishing different venues, being around like minded people, you can’t help but naturally improve.

Something I do now is each week I go for a flick.

I make sure I fish somewhere different, or even better, somewhere new that I haven't fished before. 

Which brings me to the next level up, the Hobie Bream Series.  Personally I can’t wait to get into it again, fishing some of the best waterways in the country -  Bemm, Coota, Forster, just to name a few.

Yes, in the Hobie series it gets a little more serious, live wells, fancy sounders, powerpoles, sponsorship, the list goes on. 

The fun and the weekend away with mates still remains, while the challenge of getting a bag for 2 days straight and making the right decisions is something I/m already pondering.   Am i going to win anything this year or finish top 10? 

Doubt it!

Am I going to have a crack and have a good time? 


It will probably take a couple of years to catch a bag consistently again but the challenge will be fun. 

No one goes into any event thinking they are going to win it. The mind set is about going fishing, challenging yourself, and having some time out with mates. 

So, if you are thinking about trying a YH event this year, just to see how you go, I couldn’t recommend a better way to start. 

You may even just be happy to do 1 or 2 every year in your local and that’s it, or, you might get the bug and really want to get into it and put you’re self up against the best in the country. 

Either way I am sure you will dead set have a blast and a top weekend away doing what you love, it’s a win-win and a good laugh. 

Fish on. 

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