About Us

Welcome to The Yak Hunter!

Yak Hunters Australia is a grassroots kayak fishing community based in the greatest country on earth, AUSTRALIA!

Boasting over 15,000 members around the country we would have to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, kayak fishing groups in Australia.  Our membership is incredibly diverse from old to young and rookie to pro but we are all united by our love of fishing, specifically kayak based fishing.  Here you will find some of the greatest people in the sport always willing to share a yarn, give you some great advice, or go for a flick.  You may even meet some great mates in the group or on the water.  

No matter what, the experience will transform you and forever change the way you fish, yak, or yak fish!  If you see a fellow yak hunter out and about hard reppin in YH gear stop and say g'day, they may just become your new best fishing buddy.

While the community is awesome (could we really get any more awesome?) social media is a dynamic and fast-moving platform that does not lend itself well to retrieving that one post you flicked past on the train or while waiting to do the school pick-up.  Searching may help you find it or it may not.  Asking if anyone else saw it may help you find it or it may not.  It could be that one post reviewing the very gear you've been yearning but now it is lost to the digital ether.   GAAAAARRRRRRR!


The Yak Hunter is a content rich, digital capable, by-the-community for-the-community, electronic magazine dedicated to kayak based fishing.  Each edition will have stories, reviews, profiles and more from and of our very own members.  As each edition is published and the community get more ideas we will have more and more varied contributions from our members.  Because it is an online magazine the content can grow and change with the magazine and readership and will only be limited by your imagination!

If you've got a story or an idea and would like to see it come to life, then click on the Contact link on the top right and get in touch.  We would lo9ve to hear from you.  And don't worry, if you are a better fisherman (or fisherwoman) than a writer, that's our job!  We can definitely help put your thoughts on paper.
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