A Welcome From "The Codfather" Luke "Lippy" Lispet

Welcome Yak Hunters...

To The Yak Hunter!
I can tell you for a fact I'm super excited that we are now able to host this e-magazine to capture all the excitement, Tips & Tricks, stories, and adventures from Yak Hunters all across Australia. 

This is something that we've had in the works for some time, however, it was quite difficult without a dedicated editor for the project! 

But now... thanks to the best man for the job, YHAUS editor (Wayne Petherick) has brought this project to life! 

Since creating Yak Hunters Australia a little over 3 years ago, I have personally witnessed it bloom and grow beyond comprehension and expectation. Fantastic projects like this are brought to life by the ingenious ideas and dedication of team members, which give an additional breath of life into the Yak Hunters movement across the country. 

With Yak Hunters Australia membership currently reaching over 15,000 strong and continuing to grow every day, there is an absolute wealth of knowledge, Tips & Tricks, stories, and ideas amongst our members that we can all share throughout our community to grow both individually, and as a whole. 

With the launch of The Yak Hunter, we now finally have a place where we can archive and display this information freely amongst our members. What better place to come to for a one stop shop on everything we search for on social media! 

On behalf of the team from Yak Hunters Australia, we hope you enjoy The Yak Hunter and get as much out of it as you can. Thanks for supporting the team and for your contribution... you guys rock! 


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