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We reckon it's pretty cool being an organisation with a strong community focus.  Part of that is not only having members who support us, but also about us supporting our members, and members supporting each other!  Without a doubt we will be including a variety of businesses large and small, but our focus will be on promoting and supporting the goods and services offered by our members.  These range from buying kayaks, to handmade lures, plastics, and nets, through to servicing rods and reels.

Not only are some of these products the best available, you will get good member discounts while supporting our own.  It really is win-win.
Luke's Lines

Not only is he an iconic YHQLD member, Hendo is just a top bloke!  He is a real character who loves to fish from his yak or his boat which is also the safety boat at YHQLD events!

Hendo has been kicking goals doing rod repairs and reel servicing and we have personally seen him bring kit back from the dead.  He repairs rods like a master and some of the best in the YH community trust him exclusively with their reels which he treats with the utmost of care and respect.  He is one of the only people to spend time at Shimano HQ Australia learning from the pros so he knows what he is doing.

Not in the area?  Hendo offers a postal service.  Just get your gear to him and he will fix it up, then ship it straight back to you!  

You can find him on Facebook at Luke's Lines.  Mention Yak Hunters or this ad and Hendo will fix you up with a 10% discount on labour.

Skulldrag Industries Australia

It doesn't get much more supporting our own than this.  The boys over at Skulldrag have offered members of Yak Hunters a 10% discount off their already incredible prices for handmade kit.

To take advantage of this offer and to add one of these weapons to your arsenal follow this link for the short handle and this link to the long handle Long Shot model.  Don't forget to add SIDEARMYH10 at checkout!
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